How to make a Round Shape with Tapestry Crochet



A Dutch pdf file of this tutorial can be download here; an English pdf file can be download here.

If you are aquainted with the basic principals of tapestry crochet, you can also start with a round shape. To get a round shape, you need to increase. To be sure that this round shape will look good, you must increase at equal distances, without getting corners or bubbles. And sometimes you also want to integrate a motif.
Based on the following photo’s and chart I’m going to explain to you how I get a nice round shape with tapestry crochet.

It’s important that you choose the right hook according to your yarn. The wrong choice can make your work fluffy or puffy.
I have made this round base with Catania Grande in de colours: blue, copper and linen. I used a crochet hook G-6 USA / 8 UK / 4mm.

Crochet sc (dc UK) in the back loop only from the stitches of the previous round.
You have to crochet in a ‘spiral’. Never join a previous round, but just go on.

Every round you have to increase 8 sc and in some rounds 16 sc. I prefer round 5 and 9.

It is typical for tapestry crochet that you have sometimes a ‘break’ in the pattern.


By a little manipulation of stitches/increases you sometimes can avoid that. That’s why this chart has not in each round a 4 times repeat.

Follow the chart, pay attention to the following:

The places where you have to increase are marked with black V signs. There you have to crochet 2 sc in 1 sc from the previous round.

I have made red marks, that are the first stitches from a new round.

The white dots are the last stitches of each round.

I describe below the beginning and sometimes the end of each round. In between you can follow the chart.


Round 1:
Make a slip knot with copper, chain 2. Crochet in the first chain 7 sc (dc UK), crochet 1 sc and finish this stitch with blue. Mark your last stitch. (8sc)

round 1a

round 1b












Round 2:
Add also the linen yarn.
Crochet with blue the first sc into the first sc of the previous round. Crochet 2 sc in each stitch (16sc).

round 2a

round 2b






Round 3:
2 blue sc into first stitch (finish stitch with linen), crochet 1 sc with linen (finish stitch with blue), follow chart. End the round with a copper stitch (finish in each round the copper sc with blue). (24sc)








Round 4:
2 blue sc into first stitch (finish stitch with linen) and follow chart, end with a copper sc. (32sc)

Round 5:
This is the round where you have to increase 16 times.
2 blue sc into first stitch (1 stitch is extra, it’s not on the chart, red A), 1 blue sc (finish stitch with linen). Follow the chart, end with a copper sc. (48)
round-5Round 6:
Follow the chart, start with a blue sc. End this round with copper sc. (56sc)

Round 7:
Start with 2 blue sc into blue stitch (1 stitch is extra, it’s not on the chart), follow the chart. End with copper sc. (64sc)
Round 8:
Start with 1blue sc (1 blue sc lapses, only in the beginning of this round, green B), follow the chart. End with 2 copper sc in one copper stitch. (72sc)

Round 9:
This is again a round where you have to increase 16 times.
Crochet 3x 2 blue sc. (Crochet the first 2sc in the last copper stitch of the previous round). Follow the chart, end with a copper sc. (88sc)

Round 10:
Start with 1 blue sc, follow the chart and end with a copper sc. (96sc)

Round 11:
Start with 1 blue sc, follow the chart and end with a copper sc.
Crochet 1 blue sc and 3 blue slip stitches, fasten off and weave in the ends. (104sc + 3sl st)
Enjoy, good luck!!


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  • Blake Quinn

    Do you have any more patterns similar to this? Tapestry crochet with nice designs that are just round flat shapes? This makes such a beautiful yarmulke and I’m having trouble finding similar patterns.

    • José Visser

      Hello Blake,
      Thank you for your comment. I don’t have other round flat free patterns. In my Etsy shop ( I have several round tapestry patterns.

  • Nadia Ganami Yacoub

    Thanks a lot.First time for me to know how to use several colours in the same time with Croshet.I know knitting very well.

    • José Visser

      Thank you 🙂

  • Beverly E Read

    I have my Yarn Ready and am Excited to try your Pattern. Your Work is Beautiful !! Thank You, Beverly Read

    • José Visser

      Thank you so much! Good luck, José