Crochet tip #1: How to keep yarn from tangling in tapestry crochet

When you’re doing tapestry crochet, you most likely work with multiple colours (threads). I’m sure you have encountered the annoying circumstances of your threads tangling. I’ve been thinking about how to prevent this from happening and am glad to have found a solution, which I’m going to explain to you now! 🙂

In the tapestry crochet example below I’m using 3 colours (threads). I give each thread it’s own spot, about 5 to 10cm apart. For me it works very well to put the balls of yarn in cups, so they can’t move around. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping them on their spots so you can focus on crocheting instead. The cups are from IKEA by the way, but you probably knew that already 😉

yarn in cups tapestry crochet

You start by separating the threads, leading them to their own cup. Every time you grab one of the threads, you grab it near the cup, instead of near the project. This prevents the threads from tangling. When you’re done with that particular thread you put the thread back to the cup you picked it from. For example: when I’m done crocheting with the yellow thread, I put the thread back to the left and I grab the lilac thread from the right. Remember to grab the lilac thread near the cup, instead of near the project.

tapestry crochet yarn tangling

tapestry crochet yarn tangling






Good luck with practicing your tapestry crochet project!

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